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2020 NBA Playoffs In The Bubble: King Dissects ROUNDS Two and Three  

The 2020 NBA Playoffs have just wrapped up Round One, and The Bubble in Orlando has been remarkably successful in keeping players and staff safe. Kudos to Adam Silver and company! Through an elaborate system of health protocols and a strict limit on exposure to those outside the bubble, the NBA has not registered a positive COVID-19 case since the first round of testing back in the middle of July. The best part is: It's been a lot easier to handicap the post-season knowing that each team is receiving a clean bill of health (in terms of the Pandemic, at least).

So as we transition to the next round, Victor King of Playbook has broken down the best ATS and OU situations to wager on in each game. In addition, there are two charts on the next page that break down every one of the 16 first-round Playoff teams. For each team, we look at their overall ATS and OU records, as a favorite or an underdog, in division or non-division play, and when playing off a win or a loss.