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2022 Playbook Football 10 Questions Interviews

1. When did you begin handicapping sports professionally, and how did you get started?
My Dad was a sports bettor which piqued my interest and continued to rapidly grow from there.
2. Who has most influenced your handicapping career?
Unequivocally that would be Marc Lawrence. He was a great teacher and mentor to me when I first began my career in 2003

3. What is your primary method approach to handicapping sports?
I am at the core a technical handicapper. However, I've added numerous other methods to my arsenal over the last 2 decades.
4. What is the biggest score you've made in your sports wagering career?
The 2008 Super Bowl when I mad a huge bet on the Giants +12.0 who upset the then undefeated Patriots 17-14. Additionally, I had smaller bets on the Under 55.0 and a 6.0-point 2-team teaser on the Giants +18.0 and Under 61..

5. What is the worst bad beat you've suffered in your sports wagering career?
The 2016 Alamo Bowl between TCU and Oregon. I had Oregon -1.0. That line grew to Oregon -7.0 because the TCU starting quarterback was suspended 2 days prior to the game. Oregon blew a 31-0 halftime lead and lost 47-41 in 3 overtimes. It cost me a 2nd Playbook Wise Guy Contest 1st place finish.

6. Who are your favorite NFL and College Football teams, and why?
The Buffalo Bills and Syracuse Orange. I was born and raised in Western New York. Both teams were always on local television.

7. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest surprise in 2022?
Minnesota Vikings and USC Trojans.

8. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest disappointment in 2022?
Kansas City Chiefs and Oklahoma State Cowboys.

9. Do you feel the College Football Playoff should expand, and if so to how many teams?
Start the expansion at 8 teams and eventually grow to 16.
10.What is your best handicapping advice heading into the 2022 football season?
Be wise enough to purchase and bet on my picks.

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