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VIP All Access

Welcome to the PLAYBOOK.COM MVP MEMBERSHIP page. As an active member you can take advantage of automatic benefits accorded all MVP members on the website.

Advantages and Benefits

A - Benefits include automatic 20% savings on the spot on all Playbook publications and services. In addition, VIP Members also receive added bonuses, such as Marc's Friday Super Pick Plays and instant access to daily Free Picks from all Playbook Experts. Plus, unannounced added bonuses are available each month. Click here now to enjoy the great savings and benefits of becoming a VIP Member today.

Q - What does it cost for a VIP ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP?
A - You can take your choice of an investment in a PLAYBOOK ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP. You choose the length of time. Fees range from $49 per month (30 days), to $149 for a six-month membership (180 days) to $199 for a twelve-month membership (365 days). The choice is yours. You earn the savings and all the advantages.

Q - How do I join?
A – It's real easy. Click on the ENROLL NOW membership link below. Or, if you choose, you can call our Customer Service Department for fast, friendly no-obligation help at 1.800.PLAYBOOK - that's 1.800.752.9266.

If all this sounds good to you then sign up for a PLAYBOOK MVP ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP now and begin saving today.