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Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti Experts Interview: 2019 Football Season
Posted: 2019-06-08

    2019 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

    1. Which NFL teams do you see being 'Play On' worthy this season?
    Our Play on team this season will the NY. Jets. Despite the front office dysfunction the jets will be solid on the field as 2nd year Qb Sam Darnold has an improving Offensive line, Leveon Bell and a solid set of Receivers. The Jets will be much better on defense too as they have one of the best defensive lines in football and now have defensive coordinator Dick Williams and his aggressive game plans which will have them soaring this season. The Jets should do well and are a Play on team this year,

    2. Which NFL teams do you see being 'Play Against' worthy this season?
    Our play against team this season will be Arizona. Despite the solid draft The Cardinals do not have the overall depth and team talent this year, Newly hired coach Kliff Kingsbury did not impress as a college coach and while his offenses were prolific his neglect for the other side of the ball could be his downfall again. The Cardinals will have a tough time this year and are a play against team this football season.

    3. Which NFL teams do you see making it to the Super Bowl this season?
    For this years Super Bowl we will take a shot with a pair of up and coming power house teams in Kansas City and The Chicago Bears.

    4. Which College Football teams do you see being 'Play On' worthy this season?
    Our College football play on team this year will be on San Diego St. After a tough year which saw the Aztecs go 7-6 they will bounce back with a strong team loaded on defense and with one of the best run games in Football they are a projected favorite in 11 of their games. They have a plethora of depth and will be a force this year,

    5. Which College Football  teams do you see being 'Play Against' worthy this season?
    Our play against team in College Football will be New Mexico. The Lobos are off a pair of 3-9 seasons under coach Davie and things dont figure to get much better and a 4 win season will likely be what we see as they once again have a poor defense and an inconsistent offense. New Mexico is a clear cut play against  team this year.

    6. Which College Football  teams do you see making it to the College Football Playoff Championship Game this season?
    Looking at the college championship it will be hard to overlook another loaded Alabama team that always seems to do enough to get past Georgia which will be the goal again this year. Ohio St even without Urban Meyer has big game experience and the overall roster to get to the big game. Our early Championship projection has us leaning Crimson and Buckeyes.

    7. Which new head coach hire will prove to be the best in the NFL this season?
    In the NFL Adam Gase of the NY Jets appears to be the best choice of the 8 spots filled this year. Gase inherits a franchise Qb, a Solid defense and a fresh legged back in Bell.

    8. Which new head coach hire will prove to be the best in College Football this season?
    The best new coach hiring looks to be Neal Brown with West Virginia. He comes to town with three consecutive seasons of 10+ wins at Troy and will be solid here as he is an offensive guru who has worked under Tommy Tubberville. West Virginia made a great move that will pay big dividends.

    9. What will we remember the most about the 2019 football season? 
    The Most memorable thing about the 2019 season will be the emergence of the Cleveland Browns in the AFC North.