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Welcome to the Playbook StatFox Stats Center, your one-stop source for every sports stat and trend imaginable. Simply click here to enter the Stats Center, choose the sport of your choice in the gray menu area, and then drill down and fire away.

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 2022 FINAL College Football Returning Production Rankings

The updated College Football Returning Production Rankings from the 2022 PLAYBOOK Football Preview Guide Magazine, courtesy of ESPN's Bill Connelly, are in. Simply click here to view each of the 131 college football teams and where they rank ffense, defense, and overall. Must have information if you're serious about handicapping college football this season!

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Marc is utilizing the Prime Sports Network platform to deliver exclusive content you've been looking for, featuring weekly videocasts with host Great DePalma as he analyzes the top games on each week's card. He also joins legendary horse race handicapper Jon Hardoon of The Sheets on major race days sharing his thoughts on the day's top races. And coming soon, you'll be able to do Q&A's with Marc as he answers your sports related handicapping questions. Click here to join now!

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