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2024 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

1. What is your primary style of handicapping?
I utilize a combination of Fundamental, Technical and Situational analysis while also drawing on my 30 plus years of sports prognosticating experience.
2. What is your “golden rule” of handicapping?
"Don't chase bad money (losing wagers) with good money"! Stay within a specific established limit (either per game, day, per sport, etc.) and "live to see another day". Having a consistent, equal dollar amount betting policy is a wise way to avoid a potential disaster.

3. What is the first thing you look for when handicapping a game?
Potential areas of mismatches with regard to specific players, units (offense / defense), coaching staff experience, recent play for each teams and related injuries, etc.
4. Which team statistic do you value the most?
I think the vast amount of "team statistics" are not all that important. However, one area that typically is relevant would be the experience (or lack there of) of the coaching staffs on either side. You'll find, more often than not, that the team that has the most experience on their coaching staffs tends to have a better chance of winning in the long run. The Detroit Lions are a great example. The Lions have chosen to employ coaches who have had real NFL playing experience.

5. What do you like the most about the expanded college football playoff?
Parity, equality / non-bias team selection process and just "more overall excitement" involved with having additional teams to compete for the NCAA Championship title.

6. Which college football coach commands your attention from a handicapping perspective?
No NCAA football coach, in my opinion, stands out as being exceptional, from the aspect of handicapping success, especially with the retirement of Nick Saban.

7. My all-time favorite college football player is:
I have to admit that I have several college football players that I have liked over the years. If I were to chose my favorite, I'd have to qualify that as my favorite (recent) player. Aidan Hutchinson of the Michigan Wolverines fits the bill. Tough, gritty Pro Bowl DE who is intelligent, a leader and also a team player for the Detroit Lions.

8. Which college football team is most likely to win this season's playoff?
Michigan Wolverines (back to back NCAA Champions).

9. Biggest surprise college football team this season?
Clemson Tigers.
10.10. Biggest college football bust this season?
Notre Dame. 

11. Biggest NFL bust this season?
Dallas Cowboys.
12. Biggest surprise NFL team this season?
L. A. Chargers.

13. Which NFL team is most likely to win this season's Super Bowl?
Kansas City Chiefs (Chiefs going for an unprecented three peat in consecutive Super Bowl wins).
14.  My favorite all-time NFL player is -
I am going with a 1(a) and 1(b) response: 1(a) Jack Youngblood - LA Rams DE 1(b) Doug Dieken of my hometown team (Cleveland Browns).

15. NFL MVP this season will be -
Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills (QB).

16. NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year this season will be -
Caleb Williams - Chicago Bears (QB).

17.  Who is your favorite recording artist?
John Lennon / The Beatles.

18. What is your favorite song?
"In My Life" / "Don't Let Me Down"

19. What is your favorite movie?
An NFL true depiction: "North Dallas Forty".
20.If I had one last meal, it would be:
One of the most difficult "easy" question asked of us Playbook Experts (in my opinion). Here's my delicious response: A huge combination platter of Alaskan King Crab legs, Maine Lobster tail, tenderloin steak and State Road Pizza / Mr. Hero Romanburgers (both iconic meals from my neighborhood of Parma, Ohio) and some fresh baked bread.


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