Playbook Playbucks™ Tokens: How They Work

Wondering how the Playbook Playbucks™ work? Here is what you need to know about these unique Playbook Playbucks™ Tokens…

  • Playbook customers can purchase GREEN Playbucks™ Tokens. They can used anywhere on the site (in the store or in the Playbook Experts area). When you purchase GREEN TOKENS you will also be awarded additional Playbucks™ GOLD Tokens as an added "bonus". See the Token values below:

Green Tokens are purchased the rate of One Dollar for One Playbucks™ Token, or One Dollar as One Playbucks™ Token Credit. When purchased your also receive 20% additional GOLD BONUS TOKENS in your account.

GOLD BONUS TOKENS are received with the purchase of GREEN TOKENS at the rate of 20% per actual dollar spent. GOLD BONUS TOKENS have no actual cash value, but can be combined with other GREEN or BLUE TOKENS to purchase Experts Picks. GOLD BONUS TOKENS will also be awarded randomly during various promotions by

BLUE BONUS TOKENS are received in lieu of the purchase of Playbook Experts Prepaid selections that fail to win for you in an even like-for-like dollar amount.  For example: if you purchase Playbook Expert pick for $25 and it fails to win, you will receive 25 BLUE BONUS TOKENS to be used at your discretion to purchase makeup picks. BLUE MAKEUP TOKENS have no actual cash value, but can be combined with other GREEN or YELLOW TOKENS to purchase Experts Picks.

Remember, Playbook Playbucks™ Tokens Never Expire!