2018 Playbook Wise Guys Contest

This is the 33nd year of this competition and this year's contest goes back to its original roots, when the participants paid an entry fee and gambled with their own money.

We are pleased to welcome back Jeff Nelson of Nelly Sportsline, former champions Brad Diamond, Fairway Jay, Marc Lawrence, Marco D'Angelo, Stan Lisowski, Kevin Karr, and Bob Dietz, all returning to compete for another distinguished championship.

Here are the basics of the VWG contest. Contestants submit 2 selections per week, a designated best bet worth 2 points and a single play worth one point. A total of two 3-point triple plays (one CFB the other NFL) are also submitted. Points are awarded for winning selections, and the contestant earning the most points is crowned the Champion - additional prizes include the Best Bet Champion followed by the Top 10... >> read more

  2014 Wise Guys Report2018 Wise Guys Contest Weekly Report
In its 33nd year of competition, the Playbook Wise Guys Contest Report 
delivers two Best Bet selections from over three dozen recognized 
professional handicappers each week throughout the football season. 
It's an 18-week event with $10,000 in prize money at stake. 
This is where the smart money plays are each and every 
week through the college bowl games.

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    2017 Top 5 Winners

  • 1) Special K Sports
    Total Points: 37

  • 2) Marc Lawrence
    Total Points: 34

  • 3RD, TIE - Billy Coleman, Bob Dietz & Joe Nelson
    Total Points: 33