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2024 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

1. What is your primary style of handicapping?
1. Rob is more of a Technical Sports Analyst and relies on unique Statistical Databases which has catapulted him into one of the Nations Top Predictive Data Engineers.
2. What is your “golden rule” of handicapping?
Rob is Unit rated analyst and as such, adheres to a strict Money Management program which means Never Forcing a selection based on emotion.

3. What is the first thing you look for when handicapping a game?
The Very first thing Rob looks for is the Injury report. Injuries move spreads and affect Money lines, which needs to be factored in before a game can get scoured through the databases.
4. Which team statistic do you value the most?
Since Rob Uses a Plethora of Factors in his engineering process there is no one team statistic that would stand out enough to affect the overall analysis.

5. What do you like the most about the expanded college football playoff?
The Most encouraging aspect of the expanded College Football playoff is that fringe teams that had previously been eliminated will now get a chance to gain entry and stake their claim at a National Championship.

6. Which college football coach commands your attention from a handicapping perspective?
While no one coach commands Robs Attention from a Handicapping perspective, Rob is really intrigued by the winning formula Kansas Head coach Lance Leipold and his staff have brought to a once dormant Jayhawks program.

7. My all-time favorite college football player is:
Rob has always admired the sheer talent of running back Barry Sanders who set numerous records at Oklahoma St before starring with the Detroit Lions.

8. Which college football team is most likely to win this season's playoff?
The team most likely to win this seasons playoff is Ohio. St. The Buckeyes are loaded, and on top of an explosive offense have the best Defensive back field in the nation. With a drop off from Michigan expected Ohio. St likely wins the Big 10 and careen right into the playoffs

9. Biggest surprise college football team this season?
The Biggest surprise team will be Miami. The Canes fell apart after a 4-0 start finishing up 7-6 overall. However, they endured several close losses, 4 of which were by one score. They have a solid team this year and are a bit under the radar this season. Look for Miami to turn some heads in the ACC.
10.10. Biggest college football bust this season?
The Most over rated team this season will be Washington. The Huskies are joining a new league, with a new coach and a New QB, They even lost their best wideout. They will be a mid level team in the BIG 10 But no were near where they were at in 2023. 

11. Biggest NFL bust this season?
The Biggest bust this year will be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers play in the toughest division and have a Terrible schedule with mostly all their division games at the back of the schedule and have key non divisional games on short rest. On top of that they may struggle with Either Wilson or Fields at the helm. This could be a really long year in Pittsburgh.
12. Biggest surprise NFL team this season?
The Biggest surprise team this year will be the NY. Jets. With Rodgers back, a Bolstered offensive line, Top Level RB Pair of Elite Wideouts and upgrades to an already solid defense the Jets are poised to make a big run in the AFC East this year.

13. Which NFL team is most likely to win this season's Super Bowl?
The SF 49ers are the team most likely at this juncture to win the SB. SF is loaded on both sides of the ball and have experience as well as all the intangibles a team needs to get to and win the big game. This very well could be their year.
14.  My favorite all-time NFL player is -
Rob's Favorite NFL Player is the one and only Barry Sanders. Though he retired early Barry Sanders was the most exciting back Rob has every saw. A player who could score every time he touched the ball no matter where the ball was.

15. NFL MVP this season will be -
One could get nice odds on Joe Burrow as he has a bounce back year after playing and getting injured last year. The Bengals will be a force in the AFC North and Burrow will be a major part of that.

16. NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year this season will be -
The NFL Rookie of the year selection is on Marvin Harrison JR. Plenty of Targets and catches here as he creates big plays and runs exceptional routes. Harrison Jr is in an ideal situation and should put up tremendous numbers.

17.  Who is your favorite recording artist?
Rob's favorites recording Artist is HARDWELL.

18. What is your favorite song?
Rob cant pick just one as they change periodically.

19. What is your favorite movie?
20.If I had one last meal, it would be:
Fried Chicken Cutlets from the LOML.

   Rob Vinciletti  

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