Welcome to a revolutionary Social Sports Gaming portal devoted to the art and science of sports handicapping. After visiting hundreds of different sites to gather useful sports gaming information, I decided to bring it all together into one convenient sports gaming portal: the all-new PLAYBOOKSPORTS.COM.

If you're like me, you want your information fast and accurate. And you also want access to insight not found anywhere else on the web. If so, then welcome to PLAYBOOKSPORTS.COM.

In the days ahead we will be rolling out lots of new features designed with you, the sports gaming enthusiast, in mind. Plus, many of your favorite areas of information will still be accessible.

Some of the new looks you will be seeing include our SPORTS DATA Center, where you’ll be able to sharpen your skills with such resources as the all-new ANALYZER™ online sports database (called "The World's Best Sports Database" by ESPN The Magazine) and the new SPORTS DATA UNIVERSITY™, an innovative concept where you can enroll and learn insider handicapping skills from the world's most recognized sports handicapping experts.

Your favorite areas of information will still be here, providing you with a wealth of resources to help increase your chances at success. Mainstays such as the PLAYBOOK LIBRARY, the PLAYBOOK HANDICAPPERS LOUNGE, the PLAYBOOK EXPERTS and the PLAYBOOK STORE - where you can download any and all PLAYBOOK Publications on the spot - are all waiting to assist you.

Best of all, I'd love to get your opinion on our new site. Let me know what you enjoy, what you would like to see and we'll see if we can make it happen for you. Simply drop me a line anytime : Marc@playbooksports.com to let us know what you like. I read every email and will do everything in my power to help satisfy your needs and requests.

I look forward to hearing from you as we transition into the all-new PLAYBOOKSPORTS.COM!