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2024 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

1. What is your primary style of handicapping?
I tend to be a contrarian when it comes to handicapping, not necessarily going against the public but playing on teams that are struggling and playing against teams having success as there are usually overadjusted lines because of it.
2. What is your “golden rule” of handicapping?
Stay within your means and keep a constant bet percentage based on your bankroll, the bet amount can gradually increase or decrease based on the bankroll fluctuation.

3. What is the first thing you look for when handicapping a game?
Injuries. Lines are adjusted for big name injuries so those are already taken into account but the subtle injuries in key positions can add up to huge edges.
4. Which team statistic do you value the most?
DVOA and EPA numbers can give a more realistic look at how a team is performing. Win, losses and top line yardage numbers are often skewed based on situations but the metrics take the actual situation of a game to break down those number in more realistic manner.

5. What do you like the most about the expanded college football playoff?
It gives the tournament more of a look like the college basketball tournament and gives some of the lesser known teams a shot. While most will not go far, getting additional G5 teams in is a good thing for their programs and conferences.

6. Which college football coach commands your attention from a handicapping perspective?
Kalen DeBoer. He has big shoes to fill at Alabama but he has proven anywhere he goes he wins. He may or may not have success there but his 104-12 all time college coaching record shows he deserves respect and attention.

7. My all-time favorite college football player is:
Charles Woodson.

8. Which college football team is most likely to win this season's playoff?
Alabama Crimson Tide.

9. Biggest surprise college football team this season?
Arizona Wildcats.
10.10. Biggest college football bust this season?
Clemson Tigers. 

11. Biggest NFL bust this season?
Dallas Cowboys.
12. Biggest surprise NFL team this season?
Atlanta Falcons.

13. Which NFL team is most likely to win this season's Super Bowl?
Buffalo Bills.
14.  My favorite all-time NFL player is -
Fran Tarkenton.

15. NFL MVP this season will be -
Josh Allen.

16. NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year this season will be -
Marvin Harrison, Jr.

17.  Who is your favorite recording artist?

18. What is your favorite song?
Come Downstairs and Say Hello - Guster.

19. What is your favorite movie?
Shawshank Redemption.
20.If I had one last meal, it would be:
Lobster Mac and Cheese.


   Matt Fargo  

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