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2024 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

1. What is your primary style of handicapping?
Being a chameleon picking mostly sharps and some public favorites (these are mostly totals)
2. What is your “golden rule” of handicapping?
Only winners, I'm not putting up more than five or so to get to the top a leaderboard.

3. What is the first thing you look for when handicapping a game?
Line movement, specifically reverse line moves.
4. Which team statistic do you value the most?
Wins and losses against the spread, the exception is MLB and hockey just H and A records.

5. What do you like the most about the expanded college football playoff?
More opportunity to make money as teams try, not like bowls kids opt out.

6. Which college football coach commands your attention from a handicapping perspective?
Most have retired,  Kirk Ferentz.

7. My all-time favorite college football player is:
Too young for Staubach, so Keenan Reynolds.

8. Which college football team is most likely to win this season's playoff?
Penn State , but their head coach is a weakness.

9. Biggest surprise college football team this season?
10.10. Biggest college football bust this season?

11. Biggest NFL bust this season?
12. Biggest surprise NFL team this season?

13. Which NFL team is most likely to win this season's Super Bowl?
Detroit Lions.
14.  My favorite all-time NFL player is -
Reggie White.

15. NFL MVP this season will be -
Jordan Love.

16. NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year this season will be -
Keon Coleman.

17.  Who is your favorite recording artist?
Right now my favorite recording artist is Jelly Roll.

18. What is your favorite song?
Need a Favor.

19. What is your favorite movie?
The Departed.
20.If I had one last meal, it would be:
A nice pub burger with onion rings and 12 buffalo wings (and yes i eat all that in one sitting).


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