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2022 Playbook Football 10 Questions Interviews

1. When did you begin handicapping sports professionally, and how did you get started?
Professionally I began handicapping in 1968 after I sold a business in Philadelphia and subsequently moved to Las Vegas.
2. Who has most influenced your handicapping career?
I would have to say that the greatest influence I had my handicapping early years was bookmaker legendary bookmaker Bob Martin Pawan. I spoke very frequently and met many times he had great philosophies, great stories had a great great wisdom but it was also rather funny he had a great sense of humor but he gave me great tips on how to look at things and that was a good foundation for me.

3. What is your primary method approach to handicapping sports?
Primary approach to handicapping being an old-school guy long before the Internet long before social media, texting, emails and cable TV. I was old-school and I still base a lot of what I do on old school methods however over the years there's been a lot of very wise intelligent young people come into the industry with methods that I study and read and if they meet with my own personal philosophy I use them as well as what I used to do so I'm rather rounded in my opinions I will look at it old school and I'll look at a new school and try to use my common sense.
4. What is the biggest score you've made in your sports wagering career?
A single play score was six figures and the biggest over a year would be into seven figures. I've been doing this professionally since 1968, having two very small losing years overall very successful from a betting standpoint.

5. What is the worst bad beat you've suffered in your sports wagering career?
Worst bad beat was in a college basketball game. There were only a few seconds left in the game and I had the game covered with the dog. I don't remember the exact numbers but I had the dog +4 and a cheerleader ran on the floor and the referee, which easily could've let it go, but the official blue whistle for technical foul on the bench. The player goes to the line hits the free throws and the team won by five and I had plus four points. The game would have otherwise ended with the favorite winning by three points. That stands out to me as the worst bad beat I have had and it was by a cheerleader.

6. Who are your favorite NFL and College Football teams, and why?
Favorite NFL college football teams? I don't have them, I'm not a fan of any team of being a player I bet on teams and every week I'll bet on against them the next week. If I had a favorite it would be difficult to do that because you always want your favorite team to win so I stay away from being emotionally involved with the teams and just try to be cold-hearted as possible.

7. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest surprise in 2022?
I don't know if this is gonna be a big surprise or not but I think the change of quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts is gonna make a magnificent difference for them. This is not a strong division with Tennessee having been the best team in recent seasons. I think with the Colts and Matt Ryan at quarterback. I believe they're going to win the division and that might surprise some people.

8. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest disappointment in 2022?
NFL I think we all know who's good and who's bad. The Cleveland Browns of course I guess would have to be at this moment a team that will disappoint. They have such a great roster from their line to the running backs. But this is a team that is a mess right now.

9. Do you feel the College Football Playoff should expand, and if so to how many teams?
Should the college football playoff system be expanded? Yes, yes, yes and yes! I'd like to see if go to 18 playoff teams realistically. There aren't eight equal teams, but on any given day you know what can happen. But from a fan and viewer standpoint I would like to see the expansion. And of course this would being in a lot of money and that's always a great motivator. College football didn't do anything for a lot of years and now we have the four team playoff system. It's a lot better than what we had before and I'm happy for that. I would like to see more teams in the playoff system.

10.What is your best handicapping advice heading into the 2022 football season?
Best handicap advice I could give is the same advice I was given. Since I started betting for a living myself, it has never really changes and that is this. Don't over bet! Bet within your limits don't be ashamed to bet only two dollars a game when your friends are betting 10 and 20! Smart money management is the key to Sports Betting and Winning! Too many people go off the rails betting 100 dollars on games then going up to 1000 dollars. You can be a great handicappers and lose money because of money management. I see people and even customers of mine that have gone through that and it always leads to disaster. I've been betting for 71 years in and money management is the key to Sports Betting and Winning!

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