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2022 Playbook Football 10 Questions Interviews

1. When did you begin handicapping sports professionally, and how did you get started?
"Big Game James" began his professional sports handicapping career as Research Editor for the Playbook Football Yearbook in 1977. Since then, James has become a consistent winner in all four major sports, best known for his highly profitable (5*) Pot of Gold Plays. He also earned a reputation as a specialist at handicapping Big Ten football and basketball action.
2. Who has most influenced your handicapping career?
Cleveland has produced some of the best and I consider them personal friends : Marc Lawrence, Captain Morgan, Billy Coleman, Billy the Kid, Jerry Lambert and "The Pin".

3. What is your primary method approach to handicapping sports?
Teams with a better defense that are installed as the Underdog!
4. What is the biggest score you've made in your sports wagering career?
Chicago Bears (46-10) win over the New England Patriots in the 1986 Super Bowl XX.

5. What is the worst bad beat you've suffered in your sports wagering career?
1980 Men's Basketball Championship Game UCLA Bruins lost to the Louisville Cardinals in Indianapolis (59-54) with the final score their biggest deficit as a (3 ½) points Underdog.

6. Who are your favorite NFL and College Football teams, and why?
Ohio State Buckeyes & Cleveland Browns (Long time season ticket holder to both of my home state teams).

7. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest surprise in 2022?
Cleveland Bowns & Utah State Aggies

8. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest disappointment in 2022?
Seattle Seahawks & Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

9. Do you feel the College Football Playoff should expand, and if so to how many teams?
(2) teams with the first and second seeded teams getting a first round bye.
10.What is your best handicapping advice heading into the 2022 football season?
In my years attempting to handicap college football, few tools have been better than an under-dog with a better defense. Now, we can't start at the beginning of the season when there are always the one hit wonders in the early season, who put up a sub (200) yard performance against the dregs of college football. After about the fourth week, we can start separating the cream. That's when we start finding winning "defensive dogs". Every year will find a different list.


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