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2022 Playbook Football 10 Questions Interviews

1. When did you begin handicapping sports professionally, and how did you get started?
I started in 1998. I was lucky enough to have some good friends already in the business.
2. Who has most influenced your handicapping career?
Not to sound selfish, but that would be me. I learned a lot in those early years---knowing what to look for, testing numerous systems and angles.

3. What is your primary method approach to handicapping sports?
Quality over Quantity 
4. What is the biggest score you've made in your sports wagering career?
WOW! Lets just say high five figures.

5. What is the worst bad beat you've suffered in your sports wagering career?
TI don't want to talk about it!

6. Who are your favorite NFL and College Football teams, and why?
Dallas Cowboys & Miami Hurricanes. I grew up in Plantation, FL and didn't like the Dolphins. I loved the Cowboys' cheerleaders which led me to following the Cowboys since I was 9 years old.

7. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest surprise in 2022?
WOW. I need a little more time, but as of right now I like what the Colts are doing. In College, Coastal Carolina, Houston, and Minnesota look improved to me.

8. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest disappointment in 2022?
Dallas Cowboys.

9. Do you feel the College Football Playoff should expand, and if so to how many teams?
I think an eight-team playoff makes sense. More money for the league!
10.What is your best handicapping advice heading into the 2022 football season?
Bet within your means and don't go chasing losses.


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