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2022 Playbook Football 10 Questions Interviews

1. When did you begin handicapping sports professionally, and how did you get started?
1971, Doc started the company in that year and it continues to be family owned to this day.
2. Who has most influenced your handicapping career?
Doc, despite passing away a decade ago, he taught his staff numerous things to have long term success in the industry.

3. What is your primary method approach to handicapping sports?
We are more of a feel based handicapper compared to a computer trends handicapper. We watch games every night and try to base on our selections off of how we believe teams will react to the next game.
4. What is the biggest score you've made in your sports wagering career?
In 2015 we had a $180 Preakness Stakes wager and it returned over $1,800. This was the year American Pharoah won the Triple Crown.

5. What is the worst bad beat you've suffered in your sports wagering career?
It has been said before, but the worst beat we had was giving out Duke as a selection in the 2012 Belk Bowl.

6. Who are your favorite NFL and College Football teams, and why?
Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers. Our main office is still in Wisconsin and we have had season tickets to Badger football for over 40 years.

7. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest surprise in 2022?
Denver Broncos. The Broncos had talent the last few years but coaching and quaterback set them back. Now they have those things in place and it should produce a playoff berth. USC has always been a sleeping giant and Lincoln Riley should bring them back to promience.

8. Which NFL and College Football teams do you feel will be the biggest disappointment in 2022?
Arizona Cardinals are due for a step back. They play in a tough division and I do not feel Kyler Murry is an elite quarterback that can stay healthy for 17 games. Nevada lost off of their talent and are in a complete rebuild this season with a new coaching staff. I do not see them winning enough games to become bowl eligible.

9. Do you feel the College Football Playoff should expand, and if so to how many teams?
It should be an 8 team playoff with 5 automatic bids, 1 nonpower 5 team, and 2 wild card selections.
10.What is your best handicapping advice heading into the 2022 football season?
In NFL Football, do not base your selections off last week's results. They are all professional paid players and generally there is no carryover from one week to the next in NFL football.


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